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Want to try a product before you buy?

Campkins Cameras Rental

We always try to give the best option to our customers when purchasing their next camera or lens but sometimes trying the product in a real-world situation is what’s needed to be certain it’s right for you. As it stands we can only hire out those items we have as second-hand but our brands do offer their very own camera and lens hire loan schemes for you to try before you buy.

We are also the hireacamera pick up and drop location in Cambridge.

See Our Brands Loan Offers For Camera and Lens Hire

Our brands have put together their very own rental and loan schemes presenting an excellent opportunity to get your hands on the latest gear and try before you buy.

Try the latest Fujifilm cameras and lenses

Have you been dreaming of that new Fujifilm lens or camera to add to your kit but unable to come into the store to try? Worry not, as Fujifilm have a loan system for you to try the latest Fuji camera & lenses.

Olympus Test & Wow!

Discover the high image quality, excellent handling and speed of Olympus products - free of charge. TEST & WOW gives you the chance to make up your own mind. Those looking for something special can try out key Olympus products - Olympus will give you a full 24-hour day with your chosen equipment.

Test drive the latest Canon products

Experience the ultimate no obligation try before you buy with Canon's free Test Drive service including delivery and collection. Choose from a wide range of products including full frame camera bodies, lenses, binoculars and video equipment delivered to your home so you can be sure your next piece of gear is right for you.

Try ZEISS and experience the difference

There’s never been a better time to try ZEISS lenses for yourself, with the opportunity to hire of some of our most popular lenses for mirrorless and DSLR camera systems, in association with Try the Kit. Click the link for the full list of products available to try and details on how to arrange your hire.

Sigma Select - try before you buy

When you hire a Sigma lens or camera using Sigma select it give you the option to try before you buy to make sure the product is right for you. if you like the product a lot and buy it from us you will get your cash back from Sigma.

Want To See More?

See the second-hand items we have available.

Benefits of Renting

Try Before You Buy!

Sometimes you just have to try the equipment and see if it suits your style of photography in a real-world situation. Understanding if the piece of gear is the right choice makes that investment so much easier.

Renting Reduces Your Costs.

Sometimes we want to try much more specialist gear usually a one off and renting present that opportunity to try these high ticket items like tilt shift lenses and fisheyes, without breaking the bank.

Using a rental as a backup system.

For assignments especially events like weddings or concerts. Having a backup camera on hand will defienatly keep your mind on the job without the worry should something fail.

Using a rental when your main gear is out for repair.

Unfortunately, there may come a time when your gear fails or has sustained damage. But you cannot stop doing what you love, so renting at least keeps your hands busy while your wait for repairs to be, completed.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes renting is a good way to try before you buy a camera or lens. Buying camera gear is an investment and you want to be sure its right for you for what your want that tool to do for you and the result it creates. Renting also makes a good backup system for professional work.

Yes, you can rent digital cameras and from every camera manfactuer. Some brands have their own loan system whereby you can try before you buy. We have a list of those brands who do loan out their own gear.

renting a good camera could cost from £0 to £1000+ it entirely depends on the company your renting from. Most camera brands have a free promotion to try their products for a few days for free and you only need to pay a refundable deposit.

Yes you can rent camera lenses and it makes a good option to try before you buy. We list the product we hire but also the brands you loan out their equipment.