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Canon RF 70-200mm f4L IS USM Lens


EAN Code: 4549292162769 SKU: 4318C005
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EAN Code: 4549292162769 SKU: 4318C005
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Canon RF 70-200mm f4L IS USM Lens Overview

The Canon RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM lens is engineered to overcome the bulk and complication of professional telephoto lenses while matching their image quality. Weighing barely more than a typical smartphone at just 695g, it packs easily into small bags for all-day outings without neck strain. This liberates you to pursue fleeting travel moments, candids of active kids, and atmospheric night scenes without sacrificing oversized camera gear carrying comfort.

Built to be quickly and quietly wielded, dual Nano USM motors drive buttery smooth autofocus tracking. This allows accurately capturing spontaneous facial expressions at flattering 70mm perspectives or intensely cropped 200mm close-ups of wildlife with tack sharp focus on the eyes — great for shy creatures. You’ll find faces stay reliably in crisp focus, allowing you to concentrate more on compelling composition and capturing authentic moments rather than missing shots because subjects wandered off the focus point. No more excuse that telephoto gear is too burdensome for everyday life memories.

During sightseeing trips, built-in Image Stabilisation minimises hand shake-induced blur down to surprisingly slow 1/30th sec shutter speeds — slower than the 1/focal length rule of thumb thought necessary for sharp results shooting handheld without stabilisation. So you can leverage wider f/4 apertures in dimmer interiors and evenings for cleaner images with less visible image noise, without resorting to high ISO or flash. Dramatic telephoto perspectives showing off architectural details still turn out impressively sharp.

Where comparable unstabilised lenses demand tripods for similar low-light situations, the RF 70-200mm IS breathes new flexibility into your photography. Capturing spontaneous moments like expressions during a candlelight dinner or children dancing under string lights is practical without support. Image Stabilisation greatly reduces disrupted moments fumbling with tripods that can cause you to miss great shots. Achieving steady, detailed nighttime cityscapes, dim stage performances, or museum shots is refreshingly simpler so you enjoy photography more with this lens.

Achieving impressive telephoto image quality from a lens scaled down for better portability and discreet shooting no longer requires accepting tradeoffs in autofocus reliability, optical performance or low-light competence. The Canon RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM lens empowered by Dual Nano USM and 5-stop Image Stabilisation technology is purpose-built for this role.

Canon RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM Lens Key Features:

  • Ultra-compact 695g weather-sealed body
  • 5-stop optical image stabilisation
  • Dual Nano USM focusing motors
  • Constant f/4 aperture throughout the zoom range
  • Minimum focus distance of 0.6m at all focal lengths
  • 9-blade circular aperture
  • L-series weather resistance
  • Fluorine coatings on exposed elements

Canon RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM Lens User Benefits:

  • Lightweight and portable for travel shooting
  • Low light and handheld photography enabled
  • Rapid, quiet autofocus for stills & video
  • Soft backgrounds and telephoto compression
  • Unique close-up and magnification ability
  • High-quality bokeh and sun stars
  • Reliable operation in tough conditions
  • Easy-to-clean fluorine coating

Canon RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM Lens Features In Detail

Compact, Lightweight Design for All-Day Shooting

Weighing only 695 grams, the RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM lens features a uniquely portable form factor for its focal range. The barrel is a tiny 83mm diameter x 120mm long when retracted – comparable to small prime lenses rather than typical telephoto zooms. Photographers can comfortably carry this lens all day without neck or back strain, making it ideal for travel when every gram matters. The compact size also balances beautifully on mirrorless cameras, being less front-heavy than older 70-200mm designs. Discreet street photography is enhanced, drawing less unwanted attention to the photographer. Yet despite the small size, the lens incorporates pro-grade weather sealing for use in light rain and dust without concern.

Dual Nano USM Focusing System for Speed, Accuracy and Smoothness

Incorporating two smaller Nano USM motors boosts autofocus drive speed and precision accuracy beyond single-motor designs. Tracking servo focus mode rapidly adjusts even for quickly moving subjects approaching or retreating from the camera. Face and eye detection are highly reliable for both humans and animals. Yet despite the speed, focus adjustments are smooth and quiet for both stills and video recording. Close focus performance down to 0.6m is enhanced at telephoto focal lengths for more consistent results shooting flowers, insects or small products. Photographers spend less time fussing with focus and more time capturing the shot.

5-Stop Optical Image Stabilisation for Crisp Low Light Shots

Built-in 5-stop optical Image Stabilisation effectively reduces image blur caused by a minor handshake that ruins many shots, even at relatively fast shutter speeds. This allows enthusiasts and event shooters alike to maintain lower ISO settings for clean images in dim lighting scenarios – a boon for indoor action where flash is prohibited. Landscape photographers likewise need not carry a tripod for simple long exposures of night scenes when handholding delivers similar sharpness. Videographers benefit from smoother handheld footage across all focal lengths without excessive stabiliser “drift”. For select Canon bodies featuring sensor-based Body Image Stabilisation (IBIS), the systems combine to deliver up to an incredible 7.5 stops of correction.

Constant f/4 Aperture for Depth of Field Control

The fast f/4 constant maximum aperture maintains the same f-stop zooming from 70mm wide fields of view to tighter 200mm telephoto perspectives. This allows intentionally controlling depth of field for portraits, still life and close-focus photography – adjusting sharpness from razor-thin slices of focus to ample zones of sharpness as the photographer desires for creative impact in images. When a narrow aperture is needed to maintain more subjects in crisp focus, one can shoot at up to f/32. Compared to slower kit lenses, f/4 gathers over twice as much light for clearer viewfinder or electronic display previews. Autofocus and metering precision also benefit in dim conditions.

Fluorine Coated Front & Rear Elements

Canon coats exposed glass surfaces with a water-repellant fluorine compound that makes smudges and fingerprints easier to wipe off lens surfaces without resorting to cleaner solutions that might compromise delicate lens coatings. This saves frustration in the field and lets one work quickly, maintaining clear optical performance by easily wiping off raindrops or finger marks between shots with the same microfiber cloth used for glasses rather than changing accessories. Fluorine coating thus ensures reliably sharp images without constantly stopping to meticulously clean lens elements during important photo sessions.

L-Series Durability & Refined Controls

Despite the compact design prioritising portability, Canon cuts no corners with ruggedised pro-grade build quality. Precision control rings operate smoothly for precision engagement. Sealed buttons and dials resist dust and moisture from light rain or sea spray. The RF lens mounts metal to metal for precise alignment tolerances even in extreme cold. Premium Canon L-series telephoto lenses are workhorses designed to maintain perfect alignment through years of daily professional use. While aimed at enthusiasts, the RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM lens delivers confidence for those times when getting the shot matters most rather than gambling image quality on lighter gear.

Optimised Coatings & Special Elements

Engineered expressly for mirrorless camera systems, the intricate optical design houses special UD and Super UD lens elements to perfectly focus each wavelength of visible light at the sensor plane for crisp clarity and colour accuracy straight from wide-open apertures. Sophisticated Air Sphere and Fluorine coatings likewise boost resolution while defending against lens flare and dirt that might mar images. Canon’s premium lenses stand apart by thoughtfully balancing size, speed, and optical sophistication – perfectly showcased in the portable yet powerful RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM for today’s high-resolution photography.

Canon RF 100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM Lens Compatibility

The Canon RF 100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM Lens is compatible with the following Canon EOS R series mirrorless cameras:

Photography Styles For The Canon RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM Lens

  • Travel Photography – Compact enough to keep in your camera bag whilst backpacking and 70-200mm range lets you photograph wide landscapes to compressed telephoto perspectives.
  • Wildlife Photography – Silent focusing system won’t disturb skittish creatures and 5-stop stabilisation delivers sharp handheld shots even at 200mm.
  • Event Photography – Low-light stabilised performance allows clear images inside dim halls, while fast focusing reliably captures lively candid moments.
  • Landscape Photography – Light enough to trek carrying over trails, weather-sealed chassis withstands light rain or sea spray when shooting scenic vistas.
  • Portrait Photography – Intimate 70mm perspective captures flattering headshots that set the mood while f/4 bokeh blurs distracting backgrounds.
  • Sports Photography – Tenacious Dual Nano USM tracking keeps even erratically moving athletes sharply in focus for capturing peak action.
  • Macro Photography – Minimum 0.6m focus distance at 200mm magnification enables artfully compressed intimate details of textures and flowers.

Offering an incredibly versatile focal range in a uniquely compact and stabilised lens, the RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM allows enthusiasts and professional photographers alike to tackle a diverse variety of subjects and locations confidently without resorting to typical heavyweight telephoto gear. Its advanced yet portable performance empowers photography even on the move.

What We Think The Canon RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM lens Review

The Canon RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM lens delivers an impressive combination of pro-level features and compact portability. By condensing top-tier L-series image quality into a remarkably small, lightweight package, Canon has made the advantages of a professional telephoto zoom remarkably easy to access.

The key benefit is that you can comfortably carry this 695g lens anywhere without straining or weighing down your gear bag. Yet despite its petite size, the 70-200mm F4L IS serves up fast, accurate autofocus tracking courtesy of advanced Dual Nano USM motors adapted from Canon’s revered super telephoto primes. This allows capturing split-second action with tack sharp focus across the whole 70-200mm range.

Adding class-leading 5-stop optical stabilisation gives enthusiasts tremendous versatility for low-light scenarios. You can handhold slow shutter speed shots in dim auditoriums, twilight cityscapes, and other challenging conditions that normally demand tripods for crisp results. There’s also less need to use high ISOs or flash.

Most impressively, the stellar optical performance stands proudly among Canon’s top L-series telephotos despite the compact proportions. From lifelike colour rendition to buttery smooth bokeh to impressive levels of fine detail resolution even wide open at f/4, nothing about the images feels compromised.

Losing teleconverter compatibility will disappoint some desiring extended reach. A little focus breathing also squeezes maximum magnification slightly. Yet with portability prioritised over perfection, most photographers will readily accept these minor tradeoffs for dramatically enhanced everyday shooting freedom with a pro-grade telephoto zoom that punches far above its weight. All while maintaining inviting familiarity for Canon loyalists.

5-star performance into a surprisingly small yet rugged package perfect for spontaneous shooting, credit Canon for delivering one of the most pragmatically potent and liberating telephoto zooms money can buy.

What’s in the box

The Canon RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM lens Sample Images

The Canon RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM lens Specification

SpecificationsCanon RF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM
Focal Length70-200mm
Maximum Aperturef/4
Minimum Aperturef/32
Lens Construction17 elements in 12 groups
Special Elements1x UD lens, 1x Super UD lens
Aperture Blades9, rounded
Minimum Focus Distance0.6m
Maximum Magnification0.28x
Image StabilizationYes, 5 stops (CIPA)
Autofocus MotorDual Nano USM
Focus BreathingMinor
Filter Thread77mm
Weather SealingYes
Fluorine CoatingFront & rear elements
Teleconverter CompatibleNo

Canon RF 70-200mm F4L IS USM lens FAQ

Is this lens right for me if I’m just starting?

Absolutely – while it matches Canon’s professional L-series standards for quality, the 70-200mm F4 features an accessible price and very compact size compared to typical telephoto zooms, making it a great choice as your skills develop. The superior optics and image stabilisation also help you achieve fantastic results.

How does the image quality compare to bigger 70-200mm F2.8 lenses?

While the larger F2.8 aperture gathers more light, optical performance is equally sophisticated. Crisp sharpness, vivid colour rendition and beautiful bokeh are similar across the Canon RF F2.8 and F4 versions. Edge-to-edge performance from the F4 is excellent. For most enthusiast situations, you won’t miss the extra stop.

Is it suitable for photographing wildlife or fast action?

Thanks to its fast, accurate Dual Nano USM autofocus that reliably tracks focus on moving subjects along with 5-stop stabilisation that makes handholding telephoto reach very steady. While an F2.8 lens collects more light for very fast shutter speeds, the F4 IS in competent hands excels at action too.

Can this lens work for professional use?

The robust weather sealing, fluorine coatings, and pro-grade controls make the 70-200mm F4L IS suitable for professional work, while the compact size makes it uniquely preferable for photographers needing to travel light without compromise. Optical performance matches Canon’s esteemed off-white L-series telephotos at an attractive price.

Does the zoom barrel extend when focusing?

Yes – the 70-200mm F4L IS extends up to 50mm during focusing and/or zooming between focal lengths to achieve its uniquely short retracted size. The lightweight internal components move smoothly on high-precision helicoids. A zoom position lock prevents gravity extension when carrying pointed down.

How close can this lens focus at 200mm?

Impressively close, with a 0.6m minimum focus distance at the telephoto end – nearly as close as 70mm. This allows 0.28x maximum magnification for frame-filling shots of small flowers, bugs, products in detail, etc. Rival zooms typically focus no closer than 1 meter. It focuses closer than many primes.

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Weight 695 g
Dimensions 1193 × 83.5 mm
Aperture Aperture, measured in f-stops, controls light entering a camera lens and affects image depth. Lower f-stops allow more light and blur backgrounds, while higher f-stops are better for well-lit, sharp landscapes. It\'s a key factor in choosing between prime and zoom lenses for desired photographic effects.



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