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OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 Review – A Rugged Camera Ready for Adventure


In my review of the new OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7, as an avid outdoor photographer and adventure seeker, I’ve tested my fair share of “tough” cameras built to handle the elements. OM SYSTEM’s new Tough TG-7 lives up to its name, delivering impressive image quality in a durable point-and-shoot ready for all of life’s exploits. After taking it underwater, up mountains, and braving cold weather, I can confidently say this is built to last while capturing vibrant, detailed shots. Read on for my full hands-on review.

Rugged Build Quality

The TG-7 retains the impressive build quality OM SYSTEM’s Tough series is known for. It meets the MIL-STD-810F military standard for shock, freeze, crush, and dust resistance. I dropped it from heights over 6 feet onto rocks and it survived unscathed. The metal chassis looks great despite the bumps and scratches accumulated during my testing adventures.

Buttons are well-positioned for easy operation, even with gloves on. The textured grip gives you a secure hold. At 1.6 x 4.4 x 2.6 inches and 8.99 ounces, it’s compact and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket.

OM SYSTEM TG 7 Microscope Mode
OM SYSTEM TG 7 Focus Stacking

Capturing Stunning Shots Above and Below Water

As an underwater camera, the TG-7 excels. I took it snorkeling, swimming, and surfing, and it had no issues being submerged down to 50 feet. Images show crisp details, accurate colors, and minimal distortion even when shooting underwater landscapes at wide angles.

The TG-7 includes specialized underwater modes – like Underwater Snapshot which applies settings optimized for quick shots under the sea. Exposure compensation and white balance controls allow you to dial in the perfect colors when diving deeper.

The 16MP sensor and TruePic VIII processor capture excellent images across all shooting environments. The fast f/2.0 4x optical zoom lens performs well in low light situations handheld. Shooting at ISO 3200, images still show good color and detail. This allows you to maintain faster shutter speeds to reduce blur, especially important when photographing fast-moving subjects or in lower light conditions.

Macro Modes Reveal a Miniature World

What sets the TG-7 apart from other tough cameras is its unbelievable macro capabilities. The microscope modes let you lock focus at close distances between 1-5cm from the subject, providing up to 44.4x magnification on the rear LCD. This reveals a microscopic world in stunning clarity.

Focus stacking is a brilliant feature unique to the TG-7. It automatically combines 8-10 images taken at different focus distances. This results in macro shots with incredible depth of field. Tiny insects, raindrops, and flowers pop with sharpness throughout the entire frame.

OM SYSTEM TG 7 Underwater Macro Seahare
OM SYSTEM TG 7 Sample2 Ben Salb IG bens small world

Built-in Sensors and GPS Expand the Experience

Adventure seekers will appreciate the integrated Field Sensor System. It tracks your location, elevation/depth, compass heading, temperature, and atmospheric pressure. GPS makes it easy to geotag images or track remote treks. The altimeter and depth meter came in handy while hiking and snorkeling to monitor altitude and underwater distance.

Sharing Adventures Made Simple

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth make it a breeze to share footage while on the go. Using the OM SYSTEM Olympus Image Share app, I quickly transferred shots from the camera to my smartphone. From there it takes just a couple taps to upload photos or 4K and 1080p full HD videos to social media.

Vertical video support is a nice feature that makes captured footage easy to view on phones and tablets without rotating—great for social media. Pro Capture mode also ensures you get the shot by capturing up to 35 frames before fully depressing the shutter release. This helps catch fleeting moments that are difficult to time just right.

Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial consideration for outdoor shoots. Fortunately, I found the TG-7’s Li-92B battery sufficient for a full day of active shooting. Olympus claims up to 340 shots per charge. To maximize battery, I recommend turning off GPS between shots and reducing the rear screen use. Carrying a spare battery provides peace of mind for longer excursions.

Should You Buy the OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7?

At around £499, the TG-7 delivers immense value. The image quality, macro modes, and rugged performance add up to a camera ready to capture your adventures in any environment. Photographers and thrill-seekers who demand a camera as tough as they are will find the perfect companion in the TG-7. It deserves a spot in your gear bag whether trekking up a mountain, braving the concrete jungle, or diving to ocean depths.

So if you’re looking for a compact digital camera built to survive the journey while taking impressive shots, the OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 is a superb choice. It certainly earns my recommendation for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers seeking memories that withstand the test of time.


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