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The OM-1 with Francois at Campkins Cameras

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We were at the Copper Kettle, just a few doors down from Campkins Cameras on King’s Parade, chatting with Francois about the new OM-1. This new flagship mirrorless camera has caused quite a stir. So it was really good to get Francois’ view about this camera. 


So, the OM-1 arrived recently. And I believe you actually got your hands on it in store.


I did, I was very impressed with it – some of the numbers: it shoots super fast burst rate, it does something like 50 frames a second. Which I think sports photographers, bird photographers, airshow photographers, will love because it means you can get that shot where, you know, as the bird is flying off and the wings are extended. 

So from that point of view, I think people will love it. It’s going to be a very, very popular camera in a very short space of time. 

In fact, if I look at the orders that have been taken, pretty much all the stock that we’ve ordered from Olympus, it’s already spoken for. 


Wow, it didn’t take long did it? 


People have been waiting for it, and they’re very excited about it. And we’re going to be getting our hands on some more in the next few weeks. They should be shipping and they should arrive in the shop fairly soon after. 

So the best way to ensure you get one for yourself is to actually place the order for yourself.

They’re selling like hotcakes – not only are they selling like hotcakes, but they’re virtually walking out to the car themselves and into the boot.


If you want to chat with Francois or anyone else in the team, just pop into the shop on King’s Parade. 


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