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6 Insta-worthy Photo Ideas For Instant Cameras

A scenic view of your hometown 2

1. A scenic view of your hometown using a Instant Cameras

Instant cameras are an excellent choice for capturing a gorgeous view of your hometown. They’re great for capturing views on the fly, and they can produce some stunning results.

2. Friends and family gathered around a table for a meal

Instant cameras are an excellent way to save memories with friends and family. Gathering around a table for a meal is an ideal time to put one to use.

Friends and family gathered around a table for a meal
Fun in the sun capture people playing at the beach or park

3. Fun in the sun – capture people playing at the beach or park

The sun is a terrific spot to have fun and photograph people having fun. Having an instant camera at the beach can help get you some fantastic photos of people having fun.

4. Use An Instant Camera To Capture A beautiful Sunset Or Sunrise

An instant camera may be used to capture a lovely sunset or dawn. Use an instant camera with manual controls to adjust the exposure and focus for the best results. Place yourself so that the sun is in the frame and start snapping! The end product will be well worth it!

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A beautiful sunset or sunrise
The architecture and or the natural beauty of your city or town

5. The architecture and/or the natural beauty of your city or town

Instant cameras are an excellent method to document your city’s or town’s architecture and natural splendour. They’re simple to use and may provide excellent results with only a few clicks.

6. Festivals, concerts, or other events attended with friends

At festivals, concerts, and other events, some of the best experiences are formed with friends. Using an instant camera to capture those moments can help transform those memories into long-lasting treasures.

Festivals concerts or other events attended with friends


We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for your next picture session, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned instant photographer. Make sure to tag us in your Instagram images – we can’t wait to see them! Our Instagram page.

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How long do Polaroid pictures last?

Approximately 100 years in dark storage. Allow your Polaroids to dry for several weeks before putting them in albums, cartons, or other containers. Avoid direct sunlight. Store them in archival cardboard or other archival-rated materials in the dark.

Do Polaroids still fade?

Polaroids, like regular printed photographs, can fade or get damaged over time. Fortunately, there are some easy treatments that may be used to slow down the ageing process and prevent them from fading. For example, keeping them in an ablum or somewhere where sunlight will not harm them.

How long do Instax prints last?

Instax films use organic dyes that last roughly as long as traditional chemical colour prints. They will endure for decades if stored in a dark, dry, cold spot, such as a picture book, or somewhere away from direct sunlight.

Why is Polaroid photography not popular nowadays?

Polaroid photography is more costly than conventional digital photography. Fujifilm Instax cameras, such as the Instax 11, are also less expensive, with film costing £0.75 – £1 each photo compared to polaroid, which costs more than £2 per shot.


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