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Lens Calibration

If your images are blurry come see us for our calibration service.

The lens calibration service near you. Sometimes when we invest in expensive camera gear it can be frustrating when you don’t get the results we hope for. One of those frustrations is blurry images. Now 9 out of 10 times, it’s the same reason – missed focus. One method is to calibrate our lenses and unsurprisingly most of us don’t. Which is why we offer a service so you don’t need to. We will calibrate the camera and lens for £80.


Calibration should be considered by all DSLR photographers who intend using the camera's phase-detection autofocus system. This is particularly important if the images you intend capturing are of importance.

What types of photography should Lens Calibration Apply?

If your chosen speciality or genre of photography includes of one or more of the following, then calibration should be a necessity. This will ensure your lenses are perfectly matched to your camera (s) and thus yield the best possible results. Wildlife photography, Sports photography, Portrait photography & Macro photography.

How will I know if my lens needs calibrating

As mentioned above these genres normally include the use of telephoto lenses and an aperture that results in a limited depth of field. This is where focus errors are going to be most noticeable.

Lens Calibration Pricing

Our lens calibration service starts at £80.


Lens Calibration

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