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OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm F5.0-6.3 IS Lens


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EAN Code: 4545350056070 SKU: V335930BW000
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OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm F5.0-6.3 IS lens Overview

The new M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm F5.0-6.3 IS super-telephoto zoom lens from OM SYSTEM is an incredible tool for bird, wildlife, sports, and action photographers looking to capture distant subjects. Weighing just 2.07kg, this surprisingly compact and lightweight lens offers an astonishing 600mm of reach on Micro Four Thirds camera bodies, equivalent to a jaw-dropping 1200mm on a full-frame camera. Pair it with the MC-20 2x teleconverter and you can achieve an incredible max focal length of 2400mm!

Despite its long reach, Olympus’ renowned 5-axis sync image stabilisation provides up to 7 stops of stabilisation when paired with compatible camera bodies like the OM-1 Mark II. This makes handheld shooting possible even at the 600mm end, eliminating the need to carry a large, heavy tripod into the field. The lens is also environmentally sealed against dust and moisture, making it suitable for outdoor shooting in less-than-ideal conditions.

With a versatile 4x zoom range starting at 150mm, high resolution across the entire range, and superb close-focusing capabilities, this lens truly excels at capturing detail-rich images of distant birds, wildlife, athletes, and performers. The fast, silent autofocus pairs well with OM SYSTEM camera bodies to help you react instantly when fleeting moments occur. Innovative features like Focus Stacking mode allow for images with incredible depth of field.

Despite its professional-grade optics and rugged reliability, this lens represents outstanding value at its price point. For Micro Four Thirds shooters, it provides reach far beyond most DSLR lens setups at a fraction of the weight and cost. It’s the perfect option to capture far-off subjects like songbirds, large mammals, athletes on the field, and performers on stage. Paired with an OM SYSTEM camera body, the M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm F5.0-6.3 IS lens is an indispensable tool for today’s outdoor photographers.

OM SYSTEM 150-600mm Key Features:

  • 600mm super-telephoto reach (1200mm equivalent)
  • 4x 150-600mm zoom range
  • Up to 7 stops synchronised image stabilisation
  • Lightweight 2.07kg construction
  • Splashproof, dustproof and fluorine coating
  • The customisable torque zoom ring
  • Focus range limiter and stacking mode
  • Compatible with 1.4x & 2x teleconverters

OM SYSTEM 150-600mm User Benefits:

  • Incredible super-telephoto reach for distant subjects
  • Versatile long zoom range for flexibility
  • Sharp handheld shots without a tripod
  • Easy to handhold and transport into the field
  • Reliable in harsh outdoor environments
  • Zoom tension adjustable for shooting preferences
  • Optimised focus control for faster targeting
  • Extended zoom to 2400mm with 2x teleconverter

OM SYSTEM 150-600mm Features In Detail

Incredible Super Telephoto Reach

With a mouth-watering maximum focal length of 600mm and 1200mm equivalent reach on Micro Four Thirds camera bodies, this lens unlocks incredible distances for capturing sports, wildlife, aviation, and other subjects that are challenging to get close to. The 4x zoom versatility from 150-600mm lets you frame perfect compositions without cropping. And you’ll enjoy crisp details and resolution even at the long end, thanks to amazing optics. No more blurry, cropped shots when your subject is a distant bird or athlete! This lens captures incredible quality images no matter how far away your subject is.

Lightweight and Portable Design

It’s astonishing that such an incredibly long lens weighs just 2.07kg and takes up a pretty compact form factor. Many super telezooms weigh twice as much! So you can comfortably carry and use this handheld lens for long shooting sessions in the field, without needing to lug heavy gear or drag an unwieldy tripod and mount around with you. With 5-axis image stabilisation and reasonable weight and size, this lens offers travel-friendly telephoto capabilities without compromising on quality.

Reliable Weather-Sealed Construction

Dust, moisture, wind, cold? Not a problem! With splashproof, dustproof and freezeproof sealing and fluorine coating on the front element, this lens is ready to capture decisive moments in the wild no matter what the weather throws at you. Never miss the perfect wildlife or sports shot due to baby-ing your gear. This lens can handle more abuse than you can dish out as the action intensifies. So take it into wet rainforests, dusty deserts, beaches, and snowy mountains and enjoy worry-free shooting.

Precision Engineered Zoom Control

The zoom ring offers customisable torque settings catering to different shooting scenarios and user preferences. Adjust the rotational resistance between smooth or tight with a simple toggle switch depending on your needs. When you want to lock the lens at 150mm for transport or storage, just flick the same switch. This nuanced level of control over zooming motion sets this lens apart from one-size-fits-all zooms and helps you nail the shot every time.

Optimised Focus Performance

A focus limiter switch quickly adjusts the focusing range to suit longer distances or closer subjects, improving response and accuracy. When shooting macro-style telephoto images of nearby flowers, bugs or products, take advantage of the innovative Focus Stacking mode to achieve a huge depth of field even at 600mm. These smart focusing capabilities make it easier than ever to achieve tack sharp focus exactly where you want it.

Next-Level Teleconverter Compatibility

Most cameras can’t dream of reaching 2400mm equivalent! But pair this lens with the MC-20 2X teleconverter and that’s the jaw-dropping level of magnification you can enjoy. This takes an already amazing 600mm reach into an otherworldly realm for locking onto the tiniest details on extremely distant subjects. A more modest 1.4x extension is also possible with the MC-14 teleconverter. This modularity saves you from having to buy dedicated 2000mm+ lenses that would be 10 times the size, weight and price!

Advanced Optical Design

This lens incorporates an impressive 25 elements in 15 groups, including 4 Super ED, 2 ED, 6 HR, and 1 HD lens elements. This advanced arrangement minimises chromatic aberration and ensures high edge-to-edge resolution and contrast across the entire zoom range. Combined with Olympus’s renowned ZERO Coating to limit ghosting and flares, this lens delivers professional-grade optical performance at a fraction of most pro telephoto zoom costs.

Effective Image Stabilisation

In-lens image stabilisation provides up to 6 stops of stabilisation on its own, and an incredible 7 stops when paired with compatible OM SYSTEM camera bodies featuring synchronised 5-axis IBIS. This lets you capture ultra sharp handheld images at even the longest 600mm reach where camera shake is a huge risk. The stabilisation effectively transforms this lens into a monopod or tripod whenever you need it. Say goodbye to carrying a heavyweight tripod setup miles into the wilderness!

Instant AF Response

This lens incorporates a virtually silent focusing motor optimised for fast, precise autofocus across the zoom range. When fleeting moments occur, like a bird taking a sudden flight or an athlete making an unpredictable move, the lens will instantly adjust focus to nail the crucial shot. This speed pairs perfectly with high burst modes on OM SYSTEM camera bodies for capturing action and motion reliably. No more missing the money shot due to slow AF!

Photography Styles For The OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm F5.0-6.3 IS lens

  • Bird and Wildlife Photography – 600mm super-telephoto reach lets you capture distant birds, mammals and reptiles in stunning detail across vast natural habitats.
  • Aviation Photography – Resolve faraway planes in flight to photograph takeoffs, landings and aerial acrobatics from a safe distance at airports or shows.
  • Outdoor Sports Photography – Keep pace with the action on the field or court with fast precise focus tracking to capture soccer goals, tennis serves and more.
  • Astrophotography – Attach to telescope equipment to capture heavenly bodies like the moon, stars, galaxies and nebulae in cosmic detail.
  • Landscape Photography – Compress epic perspectives like mountains and waterfalls into striking images even from miles away at 150mm.
  • Macro Product Photography – Use the close focusing and tele macro ability for artistic still-life images of jewellery, technology, models and merchandise.

With its unbeatably versatile 150-600mm zoom range, this super telephoto lens empowers new photographic possibilities from portraits to products and wildlife to celestial. Handholdable design and reliable performance equip the lens for use both outdoors on safari and indoors in the studio.

What We Think – OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm F5.0-6.3 IS Review

When OM System announced the M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm F5.0-6.3 IS Lens, there was an immediate buzz amongst the Micro Four Thirds community. Here was a super telephoto zoom lens that offered a groundbreaking 600mm reach – equivalent to a jaw-dropping 1200mm on full frame cameras. Suddenly, Micro Four Thirds users had affordable access to professional-level super telephoto capabilities on a relatively compact and portable lens.

After testing the 150-600mm zoom, it’s clear OM System has another winner on its hands. This lens delivers outstanding optical quality across its long zoom range. The image stabilisation provides up to 7 stops of stabilisation when paired with compatible OM SYSTEM camera bodies, making handheld photography possible at the 600mm end. Autofocus is quick, silent and accurate thanks to the tailored focusing system. The weather sealed metal construction gives confidence to use in rugged outdoor environments. And clever touches like the customisable zoom torque ring demonstrate OM System’s design ingenuity.

At this price point, there is no other lens that comes close to providing 600mm equivalent reach in such a well-featured, lightweight and portable package. For sports, birding and wildlife photography in particular, the 150-600mm is difficult to beat. Paired with one of OM System’s high performance camera bodies, this lens is ready to capture any fast action no matter the distance.

We expect the M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm F5.0-6.3 IS Lens to become an essential tool in every serious Micro Four Thirds photographer’s camera bag. It redefines what is possible with telephoto photography using the smaller MFT sensor size. If you need an affordable super tele zoom lens, look no further than this superb performer.

What Campkins Cameras Says

What’s In The Box?

  • OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm F5.0-6.3 IS Lens
  • LH-103 Lens Hood
  • LC-95 Lens Cap
  • LR-2 Lens Rear Cap
  • Lens Strap
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card

OM SYSTEM 150-600mm Sample Image

OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm F5.0-6.3 IS lens Specifications

OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm F5.0-6.3 IS Lens
Focal Length150–600mm
Maximum Aperturef/5.0–6.3
Minimum Aperturef/22–32
Lens Construction25 elements / 15 groups
Angle of View4.1–1.1°
Focal Length Equivalent[Micro Four Thirds] 300–1200mm
Closest Focusing Distance0.56–2.8m / 1.84–9.2 ft
Maximum Image Magnification0.7x (wide end) / 0.34x (long end)
Focus ModeAF/MF Switching
Manual Focus OperationFocus ring (supports hard stops and de-clutch)
Filter Sizeø95mm
Tripod SocketAvailable, removable
Splash & Dust Proof PerformanceEquivalent to IEC 60529 IPX1
Weight2067g / 4.56 lb
DimensionsMax. Diameter x Length 110 x 263mm / 4.31 x 10.41″

OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-600mm F5.0-6.3 IS lens FAQ

What cameras is the lens compatible with?

The 150-600mm lens is designed specifically for Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera bodies. It can be used with all OM SYSTEM Olympus and Lumix G series MFT cameras.

What kind of reach does the lens provide?

On its own, the lens has a 35mm equivalent focal length range of 300-1200mm. When paired with the M.Zuiko Digital 2x Teleconverter MC-20, it offers up to 2400mm equivalent reach.

How good is the image quality?

With a complex optical design using 4 Super ED, 2 ED and multiple high refractive lenses to minimise aberrations, this lens offers outstanding sharpness, clarity, resolution and contrast across the entire zoom range.

Does the lens have image stabilisation?

Yes, there is in-lens image stabilisation providing up to 6 stops of stabilisation on its own, or an incredible 7 stops when paired with compatible OM SYSTEM camera bodies featuring 5-axis in-body stabilisation.

Can the lens focus quickly on moving subjects?

Definitely, the virtually silent focus motor offers smooth, fast and precise autofocus to instantly lock onto subjects even at 600mm. It excels at capturing action like birds taking flight.

Is the lens environmentally sealed?

Yes, the lens features splashproof, dustproof and freezeproof design as well as a fluorine coating on the front element, allowing it to be used reliably outdoors in challenging weather conditions.

How much does this super-telephoto lens weigh?

Remarkably light for its long reach! The lens weighs just 2067g, making prolonged handheld shooting sessions possible without excessive strain or fatigue.

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Weight 2065 g
Dimensions 264.4 × 109.4 × 109.4 mm
Aperture Aperture, measured in f-stops, controls light entering a camera lens and affects image depth. Lower f-stops allow more light and blur backgrounds, while higher f-stops are better for well-lit, sharp landscapes. It\'s a key factor in choosing between prime and zoom lenses for desired photographic effects.



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