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EAN Code: 4545350056056 SKU: V210040BE000
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OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II Overview

The OM System OM-1 Mark II takes the compact, rugged flagship OM-1 to new heights for outdoor photography. The magnesium alloy mirrorless body with advanced weather sealing lets you shoot in freezing -10°C temperatures and heavy rain thanks to a splashproof design meeting IP53 standards. An anti-fog-coated high-resolution EVF ensures a clear viewfinder image even in challenging conditions. Upgraded grip dials feature an elastomer coating for better traction when operating controls with gloves on.

This camera evolves the OM-1 with even faster operation and more specialised shooting modes. The buffer capacity has doubled, allowing longer RAW bursts at up to 50 fps with continuous AF/AE. Computational features now include Live Graduated ND filters with adjustable positioning and falloff via the EVF or LCD. This breakthrough tech delivers the effect of physical GND filters for balancing bright skies without carrying additional gear.

The advanced subject recognition AF introduces human body detection for intuitive people tracking. Combined with class-leading 8.5 stop stabilisation, even fast motion is easy to capture crisply handheld. Pro Capture mode buffers up to 100 shots retroactively, starting from when you half-press the shutter, eliminating all shutter lag.

Low light and high ISO performance excel thanks to the 20MP Stacked BSI Live MOS sensor and latest TruePic image processor. Enhanced white balance adaptation produces natural-looking colour in mixed lighting. Versatile multi-shot modes generate 50MP handheld or 80MP tripod images by merging multiple frames to increase resolution and dynamic range.

This compact yet fully featured mirrorless camera is ideal for landscape and outdoor photographers who need quick operation and robust weather sealing. Faster Sensor readout facilitates blackout-free burst shooting up to 120 fps to freeze action. With stunning detail and advanced computational photography capabilities in a rugged package built for adventure, the OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II is an exceptionally capable camera purpose-built for working pros and serious hobbyists.

OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II Price

*Prices may vary if there is a promotion or price change.

oM1 mark iI Key Features:

  • 20MP Stacked BSI Live MOS sensor
  • TruePic X processor
  • 5-axis in-body image stabilisation to 8.5 stops
  • 2x UHS-II SD card slots
  • 5.76M-dot 0.83x EVF with 120 fps option
  • Fully articulating 3-inch touchscreen LCD
  • 4K60p and C4K60p video
  • 50MP and 80MP multi-shot high-resolution modes
  • Weather-sealing to IP53 standards

oM1 mark iI User Benefits:

  • Stunning image quality and low noise
  • Effectively shoot handheld at slower shutter speeds
  • Reliable operation in inclement weather
  • Silent electronic shutter to 1/32,000 sec
  • Blackout-free EVF with fast action
  • Generous buffer depth for long bursts
  • Creatively balance exposure to location
  • Intuitive and customisable controls
  • Durable, go-anywhere camera body
  • Professional features in a portable package

oM1 mark iI Features In Detail

20MP Stacked BSI Sensor

The OM-1 Mark II is built around a 20-megapixel Four Thirds stacked CMOS sensor. This provides the processing speed required for incredibly fast sensor readout, enabling advanced capabilities like blackout-free shooting. Noise performance is also excellent thanks to the backside illumination design that gathers more light. This allows clean images even at high ISOs up to 25600, expandable to 102400. Combined with pro-grade Olympus Zuiko lenses, the small Four-Thirds sensor can deliver professional image quality rivalling larger formats.

Class-Leading 8.5 Stop Image Stabilisation

A highly effective in-body 5-axis image stabilisation system provides up to 8.5 stops of compensation with compatible Olympus lenses. This allows capturing blur-free images handheld with slow shutter speeds beyond what should be possible without a tripod. For example, you can reliably shoot sharp 1-second exposures while holding the camera. This opens new creative possibilities to intentionally use slow shutter speeds for smoothing water motion and painting with light. The stabilisation also excellently counters micro jitter that can mar video footage when shooting handheld.

Advanced AI Subject Recognition Autofocus

Sophisticated autofocus leverages machine learning for automatically detecting and tracking birds, wildlife, motorsports, trains, aircraft, and now humans in addition to faces. This gives accurate focus even when your subject turns away, gets obscured, or is small in the frame. Up to 8 subjects can be identified with priority assigned to your main subject. Combined with a fast sensor readout enabling 50 fps burst shooting with continuous AF, action and moving subjects can be captured tack sharp.

Rugged Splashproof Design

The magnesium alloy body incorporates extensive weather sealing making it dustproof and splashproof per IP53 rating. Rubber gaskets protect vulnerable openings and seams from the elements. The camera operates in frigid conditions down to -10°C, ideal for wintertime outdoor shoots. An anti-fog coating on the fully articulating rear LCD screen and high-resolution EVF prevents fogging up in humid environments. The OM-1 Mark II can withstand light rain and heavy mist without issue for photographing in demanding weather.

Versatile Shooting Modes

In addition to a 50-megapixel high-resolution composite mode for tripod use, a special handheld version generates 50MP images by micro-shifting the sensor and merging sequential frames. This achieves maximum resolution rivalling medium format without lugging a tripod. Other useful modes include Live ND filters for long exposures in bright light, Focus Stacking for extended depth of field, Live Composite for light painting shots, and the groundbreaking Live Graduated ND filter to darken bright skies.

Intuitive Direct Controls

An exceptional degree of customisability facilitates personalised camera operation for specific shooting needs. A unique lever by the AEL button toggles between two separate control presets. For example, you can quickly switch between stills and video modes, AF modes, metering patterns, and more. The tactile, rubberised body dials provide intuitive direct access to key exposure settings. One press of dedicated buttons allows toggling complex settings like ISO and white balance.

Pro-Level Buffer & Connectivity

The buffer capacity has doubled enabling longer bursts when machine gun shooting fleeting moments. Now sustain over 200 raw frames at 50 fps with AF/AE tracking. This cutting-edge performance couples with the fastest-in-class UHS-II card writing speed so you can shoot bursts and then quickly review images. The USB-C and HDMI ports facilitate flash recording to an SSD drive or external monitor. Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enable remote camera control plus wireless image transfer to mobile devices.

Pro Capture Mode

A sophisticated buffering system starts recording images the instant you half-press the shutter button, then saves the previous 14 frames from exactly when you fully pressed down. This eliminates any lag due to human reaction time or shutter delay. Perfect for unpredictable action like wildlife, motorsports, or sports, you precisely capture the peak moment you intended to without fail. This unique Olympus technology introduced on earlier OM-D models remains a compelling capability for photographing fast-moving subjects.

Hybrid AF System

Autofocus incorporates both contrast detection for accuracy and phase detection for speed. A total of 1,053 cross-type phase-detection points are integrated right on the image sensor itself, providing nearly 100% frame coverage with reliable subject tracking. Combined with updated algorithms on the OM-1 Mark II further refining performance, especially for continuous focus tracking, out-of-focus images are a thing of the past. Subject tracking even extends to bird’s eyes now thanks to more advanced AI recognition capabilities.

Compact Professional Build

The OM-1 series stands apart in the mirrorless camera market with its compact, lightweight, and durable metal construction ideal for use on location or carrying all day. Extensive weather-sealing resists dust, splashes and freezing conditions while offering pro-oriented handling. A pronounced hand grip with moulded finger rests enables confident one-handed operation. Plentiful custom buttons and dual control dials afford DSLR-like levels of direct access to settings minimising menu diving in rapidly evolving scenarios. Yet the rugged body remains compact and highly portable for adventure travel shooting.

What is The OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II Best Used For?

  • Wildlife Photography – Fast sensor readout enabling 50fps drive tracks erratic movement combined with advanced animal eye/body recognition focuses accurately on wildlife.
  • Sports Photography – Blackout-free EVF shows constant action at up to 120fps so you precisely time peak moments while 14fps bursts catch split-second action.
  • Landscape Photography – Handheld high-res mode generates 50MP images showcasing details in grand vistas without carrying a tripod into the wilderness.
  • Underwater Photography – The whole system meets stringent sealing standards so the camera operates reliably when paired with a marine case in challenging subaquatic environments.
  • Adventure Photography – Rugged, freezeproof magnesium body withstands travel in extreme climates and keeps working despite bumps/scrapes during remote exploits.
  • Events Photography – Quick access custom controls and ample buffer suit rapidly evolving scenarios photographing theatre performances, conferences and weddings.
  • Macro Photography – Class-leading stabilisation facilitates handheld shooting for critters that won’t pose still plus focus stacking extends depth of field.

With speedy performance, clever exposure tools, and hardy construction in a portable package, the weather-sealed OM-1 Mark II handles anything the elements throw its way. Making it the perfect creative tool to document adventures or fast action wherever your photography takes you.

OM-1 vs OM-1 II Comparison

While outwardly identical to its predecessor in terms of design and handling, the new OM-1 Mark II camera provides meaningful performance upgrades making it an even more impressive machine for shooting fast action. Autofocus gets a boost thanks to fine-tuned algorithms and AI recognition that better track erratic subject movement – now at up to 50fps with continuous AF. The buffer capacity has also doubled, allowing for raw burst sequences surpassing 200 frames. That means more opportunity to capture fleeting moments when machine gun shooting at up to 120fps.

On the creative side, the Mark II introduces some unique in-camera features. Graduated neutral density filters can be simulated with adjustable positioning and fall-off, balancing exposures between bright skies and darker foregrounds. The latest processor also powers an improved “Live ND” mode with an extra stop of exposure adjustment, helping preview long exposure effects in bright daylight. Together with robust -10° weather sealing, 5-axis stabilisation rated to 8.5 stops, blackout-free shooting, and multi-shot 80MP tripod modes, the OM-1 Mark II is a top choice for landscape and outdoor photographers needing portable, rugged performance.

What We Think – OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II Review

The OM-1 Mark II impresses as a refined update cementing OM System’s reputation for creating capable and durable cameras purpose-built for outdoor photography. This Micro Four Thirds flagship model evolves its stills-focused predecessor, the much-loved OM-1, with enhancements that make it even better suited for subjects in motion.

Most notably, autofocus leverages updated machine learning algorithms for recognising and smoothly tracking birds, wildlife, vehicles, aircraft and now humans. This advanced subject detection combined with blackout-free sequential shooting up to 50fps makes capturing unpredictable action a breeze. The buffer depth has doubled too allowing RAW bursts in excess of 200 frames. So you can rattle off 30 seconds of continuous machine gun shooting if needed.

We like that clever computational features require no extra gear, for example, simulating graduated neutral density filters with adjustable positioning and falloff. This lets you perfectly balance exposure between bright skies and darker foregrounds in the camera. We’d rank the Live ND filters that facilitate long exposures in daylight without glass filters as more useful overall. Still, it’s forward-thinking functionality showcasing the company’s technology prowess.

For hiking miles into the wilderness chasing the perfect outdoor adventure shot, the OM-1 Mark II won’t let you down. Its tank-like weather sealing allows use in freezing temperatures, storms, and heavy mist that would sideline most cameras. Small yet comfortable ergonomics provide confident handling for shooting one-handed on the move. If your photography regularly takes you off the beaten track, it’s hard to find a camera that will withstand elements like the OM-1 Mark II whilst delivering such impressive imaging performance.

What Campkins Cameras Says

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II Digital Camera Body
  • 1 x CB-USB13 USB Cable
  • 1 x Shoulder Strap
  • 1 x BLX-1 Li-ion Battery
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card

OM-1 II Sample Images

OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II Specification

Camera FormatMicro Four Thirds
Sensor Resolution21MP
Image SensorStacked BSI Live MOS
Sensor Size17.3 x 13 mm
ProcessorTruePic X
ISO Range80 – 25600 (Extended: 64 – 102400)
Sensor Stabilisation5-Axis IBIS, up to 8.5 stops
Focus TypeHybrid Phase/Contrast Detection AF
Focus Points1,053 Points, All Cross-Type
Face/Eye DetectionYes + Animal, Vehicle, Bird
Shooting Speed50fps Electronic Shutter, 15fps Mechanical Shutter
Drive ModesSingle, Continuous Low/High, Pro Capture, Silent
Max Shutter Speed1/32,000 Sec Electronic, 1/8000 Sec Mechanical
Exposure Compensation+/- 5 EV in 1/3 or 1/2 EV Steps
BracketingAE, Focus, ISO, Art Filter, WB
Video RecordingC4K60p, 4K60p, FHD 240p
Video FormatMOV, MP4, H.264, H.265 (10 Bit)
Display Screen3″ 1.62M Dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen LCD
Viewfinder5.76M Dot 0.83x OLED EVF
Storage MediaDual UHS-II SDXC Card Slots
GPSVia Smartphone Connection
USBUSB 3.2 Type-C Gen 1
HDMI OutputMicro HDMI
Mic/Headphone Input3.5mm Mic Input, 3.5mm Headphone Output
Battery LifeApprox. 500 Shots Per Charge
Weather SealedYes, IP53 Rated
Dimensions5.3 x 3.6 x 2.7″ / 134.1 x 72.1 x 68.2 mm
Weight (Body Only)21.6 oz / 579 g


What sets the OM-1 Mark II apart from the original OM-1?

The OM-1 Mark II evolves the existing OM-1 model with enhancements like improved autofocus tracking, deeper RAW buffer for longer bursts, upgraded weather sealing to IP53 standards, and new graduated neutral density filter features. It builds on the strengths of the OM-1 as a rugged stills-focused camera optimised for subjects in motion.

How does the video quality compare to other mirrorless cameras?

Whilst no slouch, video capabilities lag behind competitors like the Panasonic Lumix GH6. The footage is high quality but limited to oversampled 4K 60p, without features like 10-bit internal recording or RAW video out. The OM-1 Mark II prioritises still imaging over video features. Its strength lies in incredibly fast sensor readout facilitating blackout-free burst shooting.

What lenses work best with the OM-1 Mark II?

For action photography, Pro series zoom lenses like the u003ca href=u0022https://www.campkinscameras.com/om-system-m-zuiko-digital-ed-150-400mm-f4-5-tc-1-25x-is-pro-lens/u0022u003eM.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS Prou003c/au003e with matching weather resistance are ideal. This lightweight super-telephoto zoom focuses quickly, focuses closely, and leverages 5.5 stop synchronised IS when paired with the body. The compact yet fast u003ca href=u0022https://www.campkinscameras.com/olympus-om-system-m-zuiko-12-40mm-f2-8-mk-ii-pro-lens/u0022u003e12-40mm F2.8 Pro zoomu003c/au003e covering wide to standard angles is also a popular choice.

How is high-resolution handheld mode achieved?

By quickly shifting the 5-axis sensor whilst firing bursts, the OM-1 Mark II synthesizes a 50MP composite image from 16 sequentially captured frames. Sophisticated algorithms compensate for camera shake and merge frames with microscopic sensor movements to maximize fine detail just like shooting from a tripod. It functions best with static scenes and brighter light.

Does the camera have a vertical shooting grip available?

Yes, the existing HLD-10 Power Battery Grip remains compatible. It holds an additional battery to double shooting capacity and duplicates key controls for comfortable vertical orientation shooting. The vertical grip also provides an Arca Swiss-compatible tripod plate with quick release.

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Weight 579 g
Dimensions 134.1 × 72.1 × 68.2 mm

Camera Type

Mirrorless Cameras



Sensor Format

Micro Four Thirds


1 Year Warranty

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