Our People


Tom Howell

Tom Howell was a trained chemist and optician with a great interest in photography. During World War II he was Cambridge's war time photographer. On inheriting the chemist business which had run since about 1800 in Rose Crescent he saw an opening in the market for camera retail specialists and started Campkins as a photographic retailer in 1953. Our current premises in Kings Parade he first moved into in 1955. He opened many shops around East Anglia, London and Dublin and was witness to all major revolutions in the camera trade working in the shop till he was 93.


Barry Howell

Barry Howell quickly learned about retail from his father, Tom, while hanging around in the shops. In doing so he witnessed to a lot of the major revolutions in the camera trade. He first started working in the shop in 1964 and worked his first Farnborough Airshow in 1966. He looked after our shops in both Bond Street in London and Grafton Street in Dublin. Barry enjoys taking pictures of the world, particularly of his own family and currently uses a Nikon D7100. Loves dealing with his customers both old and new.



Owen Howell (Manager)

Owen, The Manager, has been part of Campkins since the day he was born. He attended his first camera show at just 2 weeks old! While growing up, Owen has worked in most roles at Campkins from driver, box boy, printer, salesman to his current role as manager.

Owen prides himself in looking after the customer, listening to their needs and making sure they buy the right product. He has worked closely with all the major brands such as Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Ricoh/Pentax, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Lowepro, Leica, Zeiss and Swarovski. Keen to advance into new markets (just like his grandfather did over 60 years ago), Owen is close to the action camera market and the rise of Go-Pro. He’s making sure Campkins is still innovating after 60 years.

We have make sure our staff are able to cope with all our customers needs but if you are looking for a more personalised service you can contact Owen directly at owen@campkinsfuturevision.co.uk and he will be in touch.



As a teenager Neil would play tennis with Tom Howell (Owen’s grandfather) which led him to a job at Campkins. Starting out as a delivery driver 25 years ago, Neil turned his passion for photography into a salesman role at the company. He now owns a number of Canon cameras and is an optical specialist with Swarovski being his favourite brand.




Our expert of photography in the shop, always ready to help and answer all your questions related to cameras and photography.

We do highly recommend him as a photographer, he has been into this business for more than a decade, for more visual info please visit www.domininkas.com