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 Payment Services



Here at Campkins, it is our pledge to offer our customers great value and service. We might be small but that doesn't mean we cant always compete on price. If you find a cheaper product from one of our competitors, we will try to match or better our price if it means to retain your custom. Contact us for more information.





Dreaming of that new camera to replace your old one? Here at Campkins we can offer some value to your equipment and discount it from the price. We also accept Trade ins. This is eligible for both film and digital. Bring in your collection or contact us.





Want to cash in on some old photographic equipment? Why not leave it to the photo experts themselves and let us sell it on your behalf. Our rate is 25% and will be deducted from the sale price. Please contact us for more information.





The gift voucher is the ideal gift for Christmas, Birthday Presents, Thank you Gestures and other special occasions. The voucher can be purchased at any value and is redeemable In Store and online. (Click Here) to purchase vouchers



Other Services



Accidents happen. Should you have the misfortune of dropping you camera or lens or experiencing other abnormal issues, we can have it sent to fully qualified repair specialists to give you an estimate for only £10. Come into store or contact us






If your seeing dark spots on your images, its time to get your sensor cleaned. In as little as two hours, Monday to Saturday our trained staff can safely remove any dust or dirt particles from your sensor ensuring those marks don't get in the way. Sensor Cleaning is £50. Contact us for more information





Accidentally deleted those images? Re-formatted your camera or phone card? Is your PC, Camera or Phone not reading your card? Don't panic there is a good chance we can access and recover those priceless images. For just a £20 service charge plus 5p for every image recovered and £5 for a DVD, our specialist technician will bring back to life those lost memories.






Need a professional Portrait shot for Linkeden, Facebook, Twitter etc. For £10 for one 6''x4'' Print and a digital file. £20 for 3 shots/prints & files.





We have the camera to create and print the legal require passport photo for £10. Also very good for Visa's.






Our one to one Lessons are perfect for those wanting to improve the quality of their photos and learn more about how their camera functions. £50 for a 1 hour lesson we will cater the lesson to your needs. Click Here for more details.




FREE One Month Photography Diploma Course in Partnership with Shaw Academy. Click Here for more details.





Processing Services 



Despite the digital age, photo developing for film and digital is still HOT! We have a very reliable and quality processing service in Cambridge, which excels in creating those high quality images. So dont leave those precious memories on your computer, phone or memory card come in store or contact us today. For details on price's (Click Here) - Now able to process Black & White Film




Over time your video and cine tapes will deteriorate not to mention this kind of technology is now becoming extinct. Which is why we offer the service to retain those precious memories and have them transferred onto DVD. For more information on pricing please contact us today.