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The Passport Photo Booth Near You

Passport Photo

Need to update your passport photo?

Campkins Cameras is the passport photo booth near you delivering professional looking passport photographs taken by specialists and checked to match any country guidelines. The best passport photo service in town.

We guarantee your photo will be accepted and you can have peace of mind knowing it will. We also can shoot and print for ID, Drivers License and for other nations/countries passports photo requirements.

Passport Photo
Passport Photo

Need that new passport photo now that your old one has expired?

We have you covered! Not only do we take a good passport photo but one of high quality that will be approved by the HM passport office. We make sure the photo taken is for your passport, driving licence or visa meet all the regulations.
Passport Photo

Does the passport photo need to meet very strict guidelines?

We take the steps to ensure it meets the regulations of the specific country you’re applying for. Therefore you can leave with your photo knowing it will be accepted.
Passport Photo

Passport photo requirements UK

The UK passport size is printed 45mm (millimetres) high by 35mm (millimetres) wide of which you will receive 4 of them. We can save them onto a USB or email them to you. For more information on requirements please see the government website.

What we guarantee to provide

Passport photo and visa photos printed in Cambridge.

We take the steps to ensure it meets the regulations of the specific country you’re applying for. Therefore you can leave with your photo knowing it will be accepted.

✔️     A photo in colour on plain white photographic paper

✔️     Taken against a light grey/white background

✔️     Clear and in focus

✔️     No tears or creases

✔️     Unmarked on both sides (unless a photo needs to be countersigned)

✔️     Unaltered by computer software

✔️     The image of you

✔️     Your photo will show a close-up of your full head and shoulder with no other objects or people

✔️     The image of you – from the crown of your head to your chin – must be between 29mm and 34mm high

✔️     How your head should appear in passport photos

Passport Photo

What We Can Do for You

We are opened 7 days a week so why not come in and have your photo taken. You will leave with a professional printed Passport Photo and checked to match any country guidelines. Get your Passport Photo today.

Passport, Visa and ID Photos​


Photo and the print.
Matched to your country guidelines

Professionally taken Photo

We take the photo so you know it will be in focus and accepted by the guidelines

Professionally Printed​

Printed on quality printing paper showing the true colour and detail.

Meets the Passport Office Guideline's​

When you send the forms and photo away you do so knowing that photo will be accepted.

All Done while you wait​

When you visit us typically the process takes up to 10 minutes.

12A Kings Parade, Cambridge, CB2 1SJ

For live chat message us using the messenger icon in the corner of your screen.

For other contact, options email us at [email protected]

Other Services We Can Do for You

We offer other printing and photo services that range from printing your digital photos to developing your film. But just like passport photos, we can also provide a photo and print for ID cards, Drivers License, Job Applications and Visas for every country.

Photo for ID Cards or Drivers License

Product Description

If you need a photo for an ID card such as the CITIZENCARD. We can take the photo and print for the same fee of £12.

Photo ID for Visas for every Country

Product Description

If you're going abroad some visas require a headshot photo of you as part of your application. For £12 We will take the photo and print to the specifications of your chosen country.

Job Application or Social Profile Picture

Product Description

The more professional your CV looks the better chance of getting that interview for your potential new employer. So add a photo of yourself on your CV and go further to getting noticed. Same applies to your social profiles such as LinkedIn and Facebook. For £12 we will take the photo and print it out as a passport-style print or if you have other specification.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Read Our Passport Photo FAQ's

Campkins Cameras at 12A Kings Parade is where we take visa and passport photos for any country. Quick & reliable service.

Typically the process takes 10 minutes and can be done while you wait.

Yes we can print to American and all other international countries.

Taking a picture for new born’s and young children passport photos is not a problem. We do ask if they can be awake so we can take the photo with their eyes open.

Photo retouching isn’t allowed in passport photos. Your not even allowed to remove blemishes or dark circles.

However, you are able to wear makeup.

We suggest wearing the normal amount of makeup you usually would. But makeup does appear more subtle in images so you can get away with a heavier coat should you feel more comfortable.

If you cannot decide what to wear for your passport photo keep in mind the passport photo will only show your head and shoulders. It doesn’t matter what you wear below the waist, but the area around your neck will be visible in the photo.

Don’t wear glasses

Your photo could be rejected and your application put on hold if you submit a photo with glasses. Especially if your glasses have a glare on the lenses.

Don’t wear anything on your head

No hats, headbands, or scarves. If you wear religious headgear on a daily basis, you are allowed to wear it in your passport photo as long as your face is clearly visible. You’ll need to also submit a letter explaining your religious headgear.

Don’t wear a uniform of any sort

The Passport Agency will reject photos that show you in uniform.

Business attire or a collared shirt

This is not a required rule you can still wear a t-shirt should you wish. But should you ever have to present your passport to a new employer you will be very glad it represents your professional image!

Wear a shirt or dress with a high enough neckline

A tank top or a shirt with a wide v-neck can give the impression you look naked in your passport photo. So you want to wearing a top that will show in the final picture. This is not an official rule but will save you some embarrassing moments at the airport!

Wear Colour!

Consider wearing a colour other than black or white. Your photo will have a plain white background, so a coloured shirt will help ensure your photo doesn’t look washed out. 

Passport Photo

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