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What We Offer

We love helping people get the most out of their photography and we’ve been doing it for 70 years.

Our Photography Workshops & Walks give you access to local photographers who have great knowledge of Cambridge and the surrounding towns and countryside and wildlife. It’s a chance to learn new techniques, try out your new equipment and identify capture and review shots.


These events provide hands-on instruction and guidance to help photographers develop their skills in specific areas of photography, such as portrait, landscape, or product photography.

The Cambridge Photography Show

The Cambridge Photography Show brings together professionals and enthusiasts to network, learn about the latest trends and technologies in the industry, and attend informative sessions led by experts in the field.

Photography meetups

These events are informal gatherings of photographers who come together to share their passion for photography, socialize, and explore their local environment together.


Masterclasses provide an opportunity for photographers to learn from and be inspired by well-known and highly experienced professionals in the photography industry.


Photowalks are outdoor events where photographers come together to explore a location and capture its unique beauty and character. Our walks are led by a photographer specialist in their field.

Photography Tours

Photography tours take photographers to new and exciting locations, providing them with the opportunity to capture unique and stunning images while exploring new cultures and environments.

Our Upcoming Events

Our upcoming events are centred around photography and will include a variety of activities such as workshops, the Cambridge photography show, walks and talks. These events are designed to provide photography enthusiasts with an opportunity to learn new skills, showcase their work, and connect with others who share their passion for photography.

8th of April
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Sports Photography Workshop at Histon - £50

Sports Photography Workshop with Ben Phillips, Cambridge United Club Photographer

20th of April
2023.02.09 AmelieDeblauwe landscape
PhotoTalks With Amélie Deblauwe - Free

We're delighted to have photographer and archaeologist, Amélie Deblauwe, join PhotoTalk's

22nd of June
OM SYSTEM 90mm macro sample image
Om System Focus stacking workshop - £15

Are you ready to take your macro photography to the next level? Join us for a focus stacking workshop using OM System and Olympus cameras!

21st of September
Long exposure lighting
OM SYSTEM Long exposure lighting - £15
Ready to add some creative flair to your night photography? Join us for a light painting and live composite workshop using OM System
7th of October
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Cambridge Photography Show - Free

Join us for the Cambridge Photography Show on October 7th 2023.

9th of December
OM SYSTEM 90mm Macro lens in hand on Olympus OM 1
OM System Instore Day - Free

Come test out the latest OM System products. It’s a fantastic chance to test out the alongside OM SYSTEM expert.

9th of December
Xmas Lights
OM SYSTEM - Night Time Photowalk (Xmas lights) - £15
Ready to add some creative flair to your night photography? Join us for a light painting and live composite workshop using OM System
Why We Are Different

Whether you're a beginner looking to improve your technique or an experienced photographer seeking inspiration, these events are sure to offer something of interest. Don't miss out on the chance to explore the art of photography in the company of like-minded individuals!

Experienced Team

Our events are led by experienced photographers who bring their expertise and knowledge to the event.

Attention to Detail

We pay close attention to every aspect of the event, ensuring that attendees have an engaging and seamless experience.

Strong Relationships

Our strong industry relationships provide us with access to resources, ideas, and favorable pricing to create successful and memorable events.

Excellent Customer Service

We prioritize excellent customer service, creating a positive experience by listening to clients and exceeding expectations.

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