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Price Match Promise

At our camera shop, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best value on photography equipment and accessories. Our Price Match Promise ensures that you can shop with confidence, knowing that you are getting the most competitive prices on the market. We will not only match a lower price found elsewhere but also offer an additional discount to give you the best possible deal.


To uphold our Price Match Promise, we have set certain criteria to ensure fair and consistent price matching. Please take note of the following guidelines:

UK Retailers Only


We will only price match against websites from retailers based in the UK. This ensures that we are comparing prices with businesses that operate under the same market conditions and regulations.

Identical Products


The product on our competitor’s site must be exactly the same as the one on our site. This includes the make, model, colour, and specifications of the item.

Product Availability


The product must be in stock with the competitor and available for delivery within 10 days. This ensures that we are comparing prices for products that are readily available to customers.



We do not price match against other trade sites or wholesalers, as these businesses operate under different conditions and may offer discounted prices not available to the general public.

Finance Plan Restrictions


Unfortunately, we cannot price match if you are using a finance plan. Our Price Promise is applicable only to purchases made in full without any financing arrangements.

If we are unable to price match an item, we are still committed to providing you with the best possible value. There are other ways we can enhance your shopping experience, such as offering exclusive promotions, flexible payment options, and exceptional customer service.

To take advantage of our Price Promise, simply contact our customer service team with details of the lower-priced product you found, and we will verify the information and apply the appropriate discount to your purchase.

Shop with confidence at our camera shop, knowing that our Price Match Promise ensures you always get the best value on the market.

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