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3 Legged Thing Eclipse Winston Tripod and AirHed 360 Ballhead


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The Eclipse Winston is the most stable 3 Legged Thing tripod available. Rugged and powerful, yet lightweight and easy to transport, it is crafted from 8 layers of Pure Stealth carbon fibre. This tripod and AirHed 360 combination stretches to over 2m in height, and can carry up to 40kg of weight, making it suitable for professional use. With a minimum height of 17cm, it is incredibly versatile.

Key Features: 3 Legged Thing Eclipse Winston + AirHed 360

Winston is meticulously crafted from 3LT’s own 100% Pure Stealth Carbon Fibre. 8 layers of tightly woven carbon, uniquely constructed without gimmicks or patterns for optimum weight to strength ratio. Furnishings precision milled from aircraft-grade Magnesium Alloy.

Dynamic Range 
Winston’s unique, modular design enables this incredible tripod to extend from almost floor level to well over 2m, giving Winston the versatility to work in any number of situations.

ParaLock System 
3 Legged Thing’s unique parallel locking system prevents accidental disassembly, and provides further stability and better grip. It also makes maintenance and general upkeep simple.

Eclipse AirHed 360 
Constructed from aircraft grade ADC12 Alloy, and engineered to withstand top-down loads of 200kg, the 3 Legged Thing Eclipse AirHed 360 is reliable, durable tripod head designed for professional users. It features an integrated, detachable Pano-Clamp for level panning, and a hybrid Peak Design/Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate. The Pano-Clamp is backwards compatible with previous AirHeds.