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Canon EF 200mm f2.0 L IS USM Lens


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The EF 200mm f2 L IS USM is a professional level medium telephoto lens with Image Stabilizer and Ring USM. The EF 200mm f2 L IS USM large, circular aperture is ideal for low light photography, and for fine control of depth of field. Fluorite and UD (ultra-low dispersion) elements, and super Spectra coating minimise chromatic aberration, ghosting and flare, and ensure that images are high in contrast and colour true. 

L-series quality
The L-series is Canon’s flagship professional lens range, representing the best in precision-designed EF optics. L-series lenses combine superior performance with superlative handling, and are resistant to dust and moisture.

Large f/2 aperture
A large maximum aperture of f/2 provides outstanding speed for shooting in low light conditions, without the need for flash. The large aperture also provides fine control over depth of field for compelling portrait photography.

Five-Stop Image Stabilizer
Canon’s five-stop compensation Image Stabilizer technology allows the use of shutter speeds up to five times slower with no perceptible increase in image blur. Automatic panning detection automatically turns off the Image Stabilizer in either the horizontal or vertical direction when following moving subjects. Tripod detection automatically switches off IS when the camera is supported.

Super Spectra coating
Super Spectra coatings ensure accurate colour balance and enhance contrast. They also reduce flare and ghosting – a common problem caused by light bouncing off a camera’s sensor.

Fluorite and UD elements
For optimum visual performance, the lens incorporates Fluorite and UD (ultra-low dispersion) elements to minimise chromatic aberrations. The result is crisp, high contrast and exceptional image quality throughout the frame.

Smooth background blur
A virtually circular aperture diaphragm gives out of focus regions a softer, more uniform feel. Sharp foreground objects stand out against a smooth blurred background.

Ultrasonic focusing
A ring-type ultrasonic motor drives autofocus extremely quickly, and in near silence. Excellent holding torque ensures the point of focus is reached accurately, without overshooting. Furthermore, full-time manual override is available, making it possible to adjust focus without leaving AF mode.

Key Features:

  • L-series construction with dust and moisture sealing
  • Large f/2 aperture
  • 5-stop Image Stabiliser with tripod detection
  • Super Spectra coatings to reduce ghosting and flare
  • Fluorite and UD lens elements for exceptional image quality
  • Customisable AF stop button
  • Focus preset for quick refocus
  • Circular aperture for pleasing bokeh
  • Ring USM for fast, silent auto focus
  • Mechanical full-time manual focus

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