Canon EOS-3 Film Camera With Grip
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Canon EOS-3 Film Camera With Grip


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Lens Mount

Canon EF-M / EF-S mount


Easy-to-use 45-point autofocus system, big, clear finder, completely compatible with every Canon EOS lens, including USM and IS. 

The Canon EOS 3, shown here with its huge PB-E2 Power Booster and vertical grip, is an extraordinary SLR. This grip is optional; with a standard GR-E2 grip the EOS 3 is a much more reasonably sized camera.

The EOS 3 has an extraordinary autofocus system, which includes 45 AF sensors to use for each shot. The EOS 3’s AF system is so much faster and easier to use and to set than anything available today.


Type: 35mm Electronic AF SLR.

Finder: 0.72x magnification with 50mm lens. 97% coverage. 8 optional screens, in addition to the standard screen.

Autofocus: 45 zones. Automatic mind-reading selection via eye control.

Meter: Evaluative: 21 zones, monochrome. Center (“Partial”): center 8.5% of screen area.

Spot: 2.4% of screen area. Linked to focus point. Center-weighted average. Multiple spot-metering.

Exposure Modes: P, Tv, Av, DEP (depth-of-field), Bulb, Manual.

Shutter: Vertical metal focal plane.1/8,000 to 30 seconds.

Cable Releases socket: No, just some screwy electronic contacts. Mirror Lock-up: set it in Custom Function 12 and use an electronic remote.

Flash: 1/200 sync speed.

Maximum Frame Rates: 3.3 FPS when focus is tracking, with standard battery. 7 FPS with with PB-E2 (shown) and Ni-MH cells, either focus mode (One-Shot or AI Servo).

Batteries and Power: The standard EOS 3 (not shown) uses one 2CR5 battery.

Battery check: Press button hidden inside right-side door. Bar graph displayed on top LCD.

Rated 50 rolls of 36 with the standard 2CR5 battery.

With the PB-E2 grip as shown, it takes 8 AA alkaline, Ni-MH or Ni-Cd cells. I see no rating for battery life.

With the BP-E1 grip, it takes a 2CR5 and 4 AA alkaline, Ni-MH or Ni-Cd.

Rewind: Rated 6.5 seconds. Also has a more quiet mode.

Size: Rated 6.3 x 4.7 x 2.8″ (161 x 119.2 x 70.8mm) WHD, standard grip.


Camera is in mint condition, with no signs of use to the body. Mirror is clear from marks, scratches and dust. Film back is in great condition with no signs of wear. Viewfinder is clear from dust, marks and scratches. Camera is fully working. All of our second hand equipment has a three month warranty.

Includes: Grip, original box, original manual and canon strap.

Condition Grade: A*

Item number: 2257