Olympus XA2 Compact Film Camera

Olympus XA2 Compact Film Camera


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The olympus XA2 came out in the 1980’s, alongside the XA. These are a masterpiece of optical and industrial design. They make great photos, too.


Lens: 35mm f/3.5, four element Tessar variant, front element focus.

Focus: three zone manual. Resets to mid-distance when clamshell is closed.

Metering: Center weighted, program auto.

ISO: 25 to 800.

Shutter: 1/500 – 2 seconds. Aperture integrated with the two shutter blades.

Power: 2 S76 cells.

Size: 2.598″ x 4.102″ x 1.605″ HWD (measured).

Weight: 7.480 oz., (212.1g) with two S76 cells (measured).


The camera is in good condition with some cosmetic wear of scratches on various areas of the body, primarily the back. The viewfinder is clear with no signs of dust, marks or scratches. The lens shows no signs of scratches, dust or marks and is in great condition. The lens cover is smooth. The ASA dial is in good condition and not stiff. The focus switch is smooth and not stiff. The tripod mount shows no signs of use. The battery cap shows heavy signs of use. The film back is in good condition, with cosmetic wear to the light seals. The light seals are heavily worn.


Included: Camera bag.

Condition Grade: C

Item number: 2290