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Polaroid Original OneStep2 IN STOCK


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The Polaroid OneStep 2 is a proud successor to the original Polaroid OneStep, the camera that democratised instant photography 40 years ago with its ease of use. The OneStep 2 invites everyone to join the revival of analogue instant photography. With a powerful built-in flash, easy USB charging, a long-lasting battery, and a self-timer, this camera is designed for today.

Key Features: Polaroid Original OneStep2 – White

  • Easy-to-use one-step analogue photography
  • High quality 106 mm lens
  • Battery life of 60 days
  • A powerful built-in flash
  • Self-timer so you can be in the picture
  • Uses new i-Type film and classic 600 film

Included in your purchase:

  • OneStep 2 camera
  • USB charging cable
  • Neck strap
  • User manual


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 150 mm x 111 mm x 97 mm
  • Weight: 440 grams (without film pack)
  • Operating Temperature: 4–42°C / 40–108°F, 5–90% relative humidity
  • Compatible Film: Impossible i-type and 600-type film in both Colour and Black & White, including Special Editions
  • Battery: high performance lithium-ion battery, 1100 mAh, 3.7 V nominal Voltage, 4.07 Wh
  • Materials
    • Outer shells: Polycarbonate + ABS plastics
    • Lenses: Optical grade Polycarbonate lens, coated
  • Shutter system: Custom design, using precision step motor
  • Optical System
    • Lens: fixed focus lens 0.6m – infinity
    • Focal length: 106 mm
    • Field of view: 41 degrees vertical, 40 degrees horizontal
  • Flash System: Vacuum discharge tube strobe

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