Manfrotto 190X kit - alu 3-section tripod + MHXPRO-2W fluid head - Campkins

Manfrotto 190X kit - alu 3-section tripod + MHXPRO-2W fluid head

  • £249.99

  • Great shooting creativity: The key feature of the new 190X is the Ground Level Adaptor which allows great shooting creativity. Once placed on the top casting instead of the central column and combined with the 4 leg angles, it enables the tripod to reach ultra-low positions.
  • Limitless creativity through better integration with accessories: following the lead of our professional equipment lines, the new 190X also includes an Easy Link attachment in the top casting, allowing the tripod to expand shooting possibilities by holding a LED light, reflector or other accessory, turning the 190X into a mobile studio.
  • Smooth Operations: the 4 leg angle selectors are intuitive and ergonomic, cutting set-up time even further while also making the new 190X safer to use by letting the user choose the leg angle position easily and effortlessly.
  • Ideal for Video and Birdwatching: this version of 190X comes with the XPRO Fluid Head. This Head is a lightweight video head which supports the standard Manfrotto 200PL plate, has 2 levels of fluidity to switch between hard and soft fluidity according to the kind of movement preferred and to the kind of gear in use.
  • Solid and fast to set up: Less time setting up the tripod means more time shooting, and the 190X is quick and easy to deploy and adjust, thanks to the Quick Power Lock leg lever design. The QPL is strong and ultra-fast: all the locks on each leg can be released with one hand in a single movement.