Impossible Project I-1 Instant Camera


The Impossible I-1 is a new analog instant camera for the original Polaroid format - the most advanced instant camera system available today. Its unique ring flash and autofocus system make it the best instant camera for portraits.

It’s easy to use, which makes it perfect for beginners, but also offers full manual control for seasoned instant photographers via Bluetooth and the I-1 App. It lets you try out a variety of creative techniques like light painting and double exposure to make your photos even more unique and special than they already are. It’s good-looking, well-functioning and innovative - the best tool available for making real photos, no matter what your skill level is. The I-1 is more than just a camera. It’s the beginning of a new era for analog instant photography. The I-1 works with I-type film and 600 film.

iOS app
By connecting through a smartphone, which links directly to the I-1, you can experiment freely with creative tools such as double exposure, remote triggering, and light painting. The I-1 app allows for complete photographic control of aperture and shutter speed. Once the perfect image is captured, you are then able to upload directly to their social channels.

Ring Flash/Magnetic Viewfinder A one-of-a-kind ring flash provides diffused light with soft shadows, allowing for perfect shots and beautifully lit portraits. This unique ring flash is comprised of eight LEDs and functions as a film count indicator. In addition to the exclusive ring-flash, the I-1’s magnetic viewfinder is easily collapsible and detachable.

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