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Spotting Scopes & Monoculars

Spotting scopes and monoculars are vital for detailed, long-distance viewing in outdoor activities. Our range at Campkins Cameras caters to birdwatchers, hunters, and nature enthusiasts.

Spotting scopes provide powerful magnification and clarity, ideal for observing wildlife and birds. They feature large objective lenses for superior image quality, essential for professional and detailed observation.

Monoculars, compact and lightweight, are perfect for on-the-go use. They offer quality viewing in a more portable format, suitable for hikers and travelers.

When selecting, consider magnification, lens size, and image quality. Additional features like waterproofing and shock resistance enhance durability, while rangefinders aid in precise measurement.

Explore our selection to find the right optical tool for your outdoor adventures, ensuring a clear and closer view of the natural world.

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Spotting Scopes & Monoculars

Hikmicro Lynx 2.0 25mm LH252.0 Thermal Monocular

SKU: HM-LH252.0

Hikmicro Lynx 2.0 19mm LH192.0 Thermal Monocular

SKU: HM-LH192.0

Hikmicro Lynx 2.0 15mm LH152.0 Thermal Monocular

SKU: HM-LH152.0

Vanguard Vesta 560A 15-45×60 Spotting Scope – Angled


Vanguard 20-60×80 Endeavor HD 82A Angled-Viewing Spotting Scope Bundle with Tripod & Digiscoping Adapter


ATN OTS-XLT 2-8x Thermal Monocular

Weight 370 g
Dimensions 175 × 66 × 53 mm





Swarovski ST Vista 30x95mm Outdoor scope

SKU: BF-5760-0201RF
Weight 8690 g

Swarovski ATX Interior Spotting Scope Kit

SKU: TM-5762-0200

HIKMICRO HM-CQ50L Condor LRF Thermal Monocular


HIKMICRO HM-CQ35L Condor LRF Thermal Monocular


HIKMICRO HM-CH35L Condor LRF Thermal Monocular


HIKMICRO HM-CH25L Condor LRF Thermal Monocular


HIKMICRO Falcon FQ25 Thermal Monocular


Kowa TSN-66A 66mm PROMINAR Spotting Scope with TE-11WZ II Eyepiece – Angled Viewing


Kowa TSN-66S 66mm PROMINAR Spotting Scope with TE-11WZ II Eyepiece – Straight Viewing


Kowa TSN-66S 66mm PROMINAR Spotting Scope – Straight Viewing


Kowa TSN-66A 66mm PROMINAR Spotting Scope – Angled Viewing


HIKMICRO Falcon Pro FQ50 Thermal Monocular


HIKMICRO Falcon Pro FQ35 Thermal Monocular


HIKMICRO Falcon FH35 Thermal Monocular




HIKMICRO Falcon FH25 Thermal Monocular




Celestron Hummingbird 9-27×56 ED Micro Spotter

SKU: 146730



Celestron Hummingbird 9-27×56 Micro Spotter

SKU: 146729



Celestron Ultima 100-45° Spotting Scope

SKU: 146720



Celestron Ultima 80-45° Spotting Scope

SKU: 146719



Celestron Ultima 65- 45° Spotting Scope

SKU: 146718



Celestron LandScout 20-60×80 Spotting Scope

SKU: 146716



Celestron LandScout 12-36×60 Spotting Scope

SKU: 146711



Celestron Outland X 10-30x50mm Monocular With Tripod

SKU: 146709



Celestron Outland X 10x50mm Monocular With Smartphone Adapter

SKU: 146708



Celestron Nature 10x25mm Monocular

SKU: 146707



ZEISS DTC 3/25 Thermal imaging clip-on

SKU: 527030-0000-000
Weight 590 g
Dimensions 150 × 60 × 65 mm

Spotting Scopes: Your Window to the World

Our spotting scopes are perfect for those who seek a powerful, yet portable solution for observing wildlife or enjoying scenic landscapes. With features like high magnification, large objective lenses, and stable, user-friendly designs, these scopes provide bright, clear images even in challenging light conditions. They are an essential tool for bird watchers and nature photographers who require precision and detail in their observations.

Monoculars: Compact Clarity

For adventurers who prefer lightweight and compact gear, our monoculars are an excellent choice. These single-eye optics are perfect for quick viewing and easy carrying, offering a significant advantage in situations where space and weight are a concern. Despite their small size, our monoculars deliver high-quality images, making them ideal for hikers, travellers, or anyone who wants a quick, clear view on the go.

Quality and Versatility

At Campkins Cameras, we understand the importance of quality and versatility in optical equipment. That's why our spotting scopes and monoculars come from trusted brands, ensuring reliability and performance in various environments. Whether you're tracking a rare bird, navigating a trail, or simply enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, our optics provide the clarity and convenience you need.

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