XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS WR MKII lens


The aperture ring has been updated with an f-stop scale to allow photographers to visually check what aperture the lens is set to, eliminating the need to check through the camera’s EVF or LCD Display. The ring also features an Auto-position lock, similar to that which is found on GF lenses, which prevents unexpected aperture ring movements, ultimately making use more efficient.

Updated aperture ring with f-stop scale and Auto-position lock

This new lens is now both dust and moisture resistant, is able to operate in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius (14°F), and now also weighs 25 grams less than the previous model despite the addition of this feature.

Added weather-resistance

A new, sophisticated gyro sensor used in this lens improves image stabilization by 1.0 stops, from the previous model to 3.5 stops. When used with a more current X Series camera, like FUJIFILM X-T4, the lens and camera work together to achieve approximately 6.5 stops of 5-axis image stabilization.

Improved optical image stabilization

The focus ring and the zoom ring have been reduced by 3mm and 2mm respectively compared to the previous model, creating a more compact and stylish design.

Updated to a more slim and stylish design

The lens uses an internal focus system (*6) to achieve high-speed autofocusing capabilities. The use of lightweight focusing elements and a high-precision motor allows for fast and near-silent AF, even when using it with an X Series cameras’ Face / Eye AF functions.

Fast and near-silent autofocus