AF 12mm f2 Lens


Perfect APS-C Super-Wide-Angle Autofocus Prime Lens for Astrophotography


he new AF 12mm F2 E adopts the Autofocus system and a new modern design that goes beyond the frame of the existing manual focus model; it is even more optimised for astrophotography, adding convenience and functionality. 

Exceptional Resolution


AF 12mm F2.0 delivers outstanding image quality, so you can capture the starry night so much clearer than with any smartphone.  

Bright F2.0 Aperture with Impressive Shallow Depth of Field and Bokeh


The Samyang AF 12mm F2 E lens offers a bright F2.0 aperture which guarantees faster shutter speeds in low light conditions and helps improve astrophotography.

Fast and Quiet Auto Focus System


Autofocus is now expected to capture images accurately and quickly, but it also needs to be quiet and smooth. 

Compact Size & Lightweight with New Design 


Weighing in at just 213g and measuring only 59.2mm in length, this new 12mm strikes the perfect balance of portability and outstanding performance. It is the lightest and smallest AF 12mm lens currently in the market.  

Samyang AF 12mm f2 Lens for Sony E

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