In combination with an FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 lens, the α7C1 achieves uncompromising full-frame quality with the world’s smallest and lightest2 camera and lens system. Compact in size but meeting high expectations for image quality, AF and speed, it’s truly an all-round performer, ready to enhance your creativity wherever you go.

Compact Size, Full-frame Power

Powerful performance and extraordinary image quality. Despite the compact size of the camera body, which is the world’s smallest and lightest3, the α7C delivers the spectacular image quality for both stills and movies that you’d expect from a full-frame camera. Fast, wide and steadfast AF, rapid-fire continuous shooting and a handy vari-angle LCD monitor help capture the action whenever it happens.

Express yourself to the fullest degree

Superior light collection means high-quality, low-noise images. Bigger sensors create better images, and the α7C’s full-frame sensor is much larger than the sensors in smartphones, compact digital cameras and similar-sized APS-C interchangeable-lens cameras. The resulting increased light collection allows for professional-quality images with reduced noise, and more retained detail in both shadows and highlights.

Full-frame imaging in a compact body

Achieve truly artistic movie-making with the superb control, image quality and dimensionality of full-frame. 4K recording1314 for beautiful movie imagery. Shallow depth of field enables bokeh effects, one of the strengths of full-frame cameras. Widen your expression with S-Log, HLG15 and Picture Profile options. S-Log3 support captures a wide dynamic range of 14 stops, revealing fine detail in both shadows and highlights in post-production.

Expand your movie-making options