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Film Developing and Printing

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We have been developing and processing film for the people of Cambridge ever since we opened in 1952. In that time we have seen the introduction of digital and the decline of film. Fear not, however, as shooting with film is back and becoming popular again – particularly with younger people. As film shooters, we love the creative and limiting process of using a mechanical object to produce a tangible photo and that excitement of waiting to see how the photos came out.

Film is not dead

Developing is just as easy. We can process all types of film with Colour Film Developing, Black & White Developing, 35mm, APS, 120 Roll, Films To CD, Negatives To CD, Reprints & Enlargements images including enhancing features such as red eye reduction.

35mm film developing near you with a quick turnaround

Why not bring in your film to be developed? We can usually can have your film developed and printed within 5 working days. When its ready for collection we will call you to let you know.

Black & White film developing

We can develop and print your Black and White film. Bring it in and we will call you when its ready for collection.

Print and Scan your film negatives

From all of the above media we can reprint sizes 6 x 4″ to 20 x 24″. We can even make digital scans of your photos photo to put onto CD or USB so you can upload to your social media. Prints From Digital Files, Prints From Mobiles & Tablets, Poster & Canvas Prints can be done via instore or using the Fujifilm kiosk. All orders are handled individually and expertly.

Develop & Print Pricing

Below you can find the pricing for the most popular print types for 35mm. Our Film Developing, Processing and Printing Pricing – film developed and printed within 1 week. When its ready for collection we will call you to let you know. E6 Processing unmounted £18 / Mounted £23 Scanning of negs/slides £2.50 each.


35mm Film

120mm Film

Black & White

35mm Film

120mm Film

E6 (Slide Film)

Extra Prints

Frequently asked questions

Our Photo developing service is only available Monday to Friday.

We offer two types types of finishes gloss and matte.

The cut-off day is Monday, and you will receive a call once your film is back in the shop by Friday or Saturday of the same week. This however relies on the amount of orders we receive for the week.

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